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During the 1960’s, several groups in the community of San Juan province strived to achieve their own national university. Therefore, the Pro-University commission was formed . This started to get closer to its objective when on 11th August 1968 the Taquini Programme was launched. This National Government plan proposed the creation of new national universities.

Eventually, on 10th May 1973, de facto President Alejandro Lanusse signed Law 20.367 on the creation of the National University of San Juan. This law established the following:

The creation of the National University of San Juan

Furthermore, the new university was organized with the National Institute of Secondary Teacher Training of San Juan, the “Domingo Faustino Sarmiento” Provincial University and Central University School. All these units integrated the new university.

The unification process of all the units finished some time later because the incorporation of the Provincial University required the organization of its teaching and non teaching staff into the new university structure. This procedure finished the 10th October, 1973 when during the ceremony, attended by the Governor of San Juan, Eloy P. Camus and the National Minister of Culture and Education, Jorge Taiana, this Provincial University was officially incorporated to the structure of the National University of San Juan.

Nowadays, the National University of San Juan has five faculties: Engineering; Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences; Philosophy, Humanities and Arts; Social Sciences and Architecture, Urbanism and Design; a university level school: the University School of Health Sciences; and three Pre-University schools: Business School “Libertador General San Martín”, Industrial School “Domingo Faustino Sarmiento” and Central University School “Mariano Moreno”.