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Communication in the National University of San Juan

Communication in the National University of San Juan

The institutional communication of the National University of San Juan is managed through the Communication Secretariat. Tha National University of San Juan has its own units for the production of media content, such as: Institutional Press, Xama Channel and University Radio.

The Institutional Press handles institutional media content and the broadcasting of university events, the management of the university agenda in external media and also the production of news items related to scientific events generated by the National University of San Juan.

  • La U Journal

    It is an online publication with opinión articles, scientific and academic dissemination, and creation articles produced by editors from the institutional press area and by the contribution of UNSJ researchers. It is available at: ISSN 1852-7272 (edición online)

  • Newsletter

    by means of an online subscription, the user may register to receive informative electronic newsletters which have been prepared by the Institutional Press Office.

  • Whatsapp distribution list

    The community can use this service to get acquainted with university activities, productions, academic information and news.

  • Social networks

    UNSJ Official in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


  • Prensa Institucional - Seccom

    Dirección: Susana Roldán

    Domicilio: Laprida 1130 (O), Capital, San Juan -

  • 0264 4278514 - Interno 101

  • prensa@unsj.edu.ar